Sunday, November 1, 2009

My first 'literary text' in French (far from it actually)

My homework this weekend: write a description about a person in a literary way. To me, it sounded as write a description about a person (minus the literary part, don't want to sound so ambitious).

As you know that at this point my life is centred solely around my husband .. no kids yet that's why, so he has become my muse. So this is what I wrote ...

Au premier coup d'oeil on aurait dit qu'il avait vingt-cinq ans, vingt-huit ans. Il n'avait pas de tout de rides, sauf les lignes fines au bord de ses yeux, seulement visible quand il sourit. Ses yeux etaient gris et clairs, petillants et magnifiques. Ils changaient en blue au soleil. Ces yeux la etaient expressifs, comme des enfants, malicieux et plein de joie meme lorsque it etait triste.

Il avait les cheveux blonde et bien coiffes, les sourcils longs et epais, le nez avec du caractere et le visage carre. Son sourire sensuel et aimable.

Le corps etait plutot pas mal, muscles et os tres allonges, minces et pas de graisse.

Il n'etait pas parfait bien sur, toutefois, il etait un homme parfait pour moi.

I tried translating it in english with the software, the tenses are all over and the preposition are wrong because i dont have the accents on the keyboard to write proper french, but you can get the essence .. ;-)


Lizeewong said...

Hmmm...all I get is his eyes are blue, his hair blond and he's handsome. Betulka? hehehe...You amaze me la Ernie. Karangan in French! Sooooo awesome!

Carpe Diem 211 said...

the translation:

At the first glance we can say that he is about 25/28 years old. He does not have any wrinles, except those fine lines at the corner of his eyes visible only when he smiles. His eyes are bright grey, brilliant and magnificent (so french this expression). It changes to blue under the sun. It is expressives, like those of children, michevious and full of joy eventhough when he is sad.

His hair is blonde and neat, his lashes long, his nose has a lot of character, with a sqauarish visage. His smile kind ... yet sensual.

Yes he is not perfect .. for certain. However he is perfect for me ...


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!