Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2010 lineups

November/early Decembre were madness ... I'd just gone through 3 exams the last two weeks .. worked hard for it and all paid off. The exams weren't difficult, the best thing is, I can now speak, understand everything that was said to me, and read novel/newspaper in French. Although not 100 percent but I am confident by April I will be able to understand 95%.

Somehow life seems so much better now ... :D French class will finish this Friday and I got a week to do ABU things before Noel and going to Swiss at the end of the year.

January/Feb will work fully for ABU whilst revising my French. Go to all recruitement agency and language institute to drop of my CV.
March/April (Level 7-8 French)
April (Level 9 Test)
And the rest of the year, if not (C1 & C2 at University du Mirail or work)

So 2010, what will be the things that I look forward to...

1. Fluent French
2. Job
3. Saving up for our house
4. KL for Raya
5. One vacation (Corsica/Oslo)
6. Mini (if I got a good job)